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Posted by Scott Simpson ( on December 29, 2001 at 21:54:23:

In Reply to: Re: Starduster information wanted { Radial Engine } posted by Gary DeBaun on December 18, 2001 at 10:16:21:

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> > Looking for information on Stardusters with radial engines. Heard there was a few around flying. Would like to know how well they fly

> Dave, don't take this post wrong.. I'm just giving you my opinion.. and everybody here knows I've usually got an opinion: Having talked at length 20 or so years ago to John Travis (the first with a radial engine up front, followed closely by another S. Calf builder who's name I can't remember but I spoke with at the Corona Airshow in 76).. Too heavy, to slow, eats gas, and can't see nothing.. but pretty to look at... oh yes, by the way, I think almost all of the radial engine dusters have been involved in some kind of landing accidents... I think your best bet here would be to call Les and get the "real" word on radial engine dusters...

Well I must tell you, I've had my round engine for about 7 years now and I love it.I've had two incidents so far.the first was the left foreward wing fitting had a cold weld and came loose and the other I did all by myself!I was behind my son taxing on a cross runway.When I turned to see in front of me I saw a shadow and hit the brakes sohard the plane flipped all the way over.the reason for this is I modified my brakes two different ways.1st I changed the arm for more leverage and 2nd I made the peddles longer for even more leverage.Don't do this! You don't need all that much brake.By the way,the shadow I saw was where they had repaired the ashfalt.So you see you can't really blaim the starduster for this.It was me and the builder.Mine (53T) flys very well,hands off,very stable on landing and taxie.(Brakes arn't real strong) The only drawbacks I see is the forward visable on landing and with the 101" prop I have,I can't do wheel landings as I only have 4" ground clearance. But this can be fixed with a differant prop.If you want power,speed and performance then put a rusky 360hp engine on it.I also have 47gal of fuel and burn 12.5 GPH.The one good thing that came out of the flip is (thanks to Oscar Bayer)I needed to rebuild 53T anyway.I did however find another cold weld at the tailwheel spring and repaired it before I had real trouble.This hapins when you buy someone elses work so look it over real good.

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