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Starduster Too, SA300
This is the best-known biplane across the country. It is a two-place machine, large enough for two and baggage, fast enough for cross country if you want to really enjoy life, and without question the prettiest biplane ever built. It is rated +/- 6 G, so most aerobatics can be performed. Powered with engines from 125 to 375, the 180 and 200 HP Lycoming are most popular. First flown in the 1960s, there are more than 1,000 flying. This is what flying was meant to be.
Starduster Too

Acroduster Too Acroduster Too, SA750
This two-place biplane is about 10% smaller than the Starduster Too. It is a very strong machine designed to +/- 9 G. It is a high-performance machine and is meant for minimum of 180 and up to 360 horsepower. The roll rate is spectacular with four ailerons and symmetrical wings.

Starlet, SA500
A low-horsepower, single-place parasol, this is a fun machine. Easy to build and easy to fly, it is the best of both worlds. Engines in the 65 to 125 HP range work best. Excellent visibility and a pretty design keep our excitement high.

V-Star V-Star, SA900
This is a low-horsepower, total excitement, single-place biplane. Rated for +/- 6 G, this machine will keep you smiling. With a stall speed approaching 35 mph and horsepower in the 75 to 85 range, fun flying is not slowed at the gas pump.

Starduster One, SA100
This is the single place biplane designed by Lou Stolp back in 1964 that started it all. It as a very easy aircraft to fly, powered by engines in the 125 horsepower range... A fun machine! Constructed with a 4130 steel fuselage, wood spars and ribs, and covered with fabric construction, the Starduster One could only be classified as "classic."
Starduster One

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