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"She's a beauty!"
- Top aerobatic expert Art Scholl

The STARLET SA500 is easy and economical to build and fun to fly. It is stable and relatively fast. The parasol wing makes it especially suitable for operating out of rough field. Although a small airplane, the Starlet has a roomy cockpit suitable for a large adult.

Construction follows standard Stolp Starduster practice. All basic structure except the wing is made of 4130 steel tubing. The wing uses spruce spars and plywood ribs with cap strips. The airfoil is a Clark Y, High-Lift.

Optimum engine is the 108 HP Lycoming; however, engines of 85 HP to 125 HP may be used. The Starlet will fly well with Rotax, Subaru, Suzuki, or Continental engines.

The drawings are quite complete and easy to follow, with ribs printed to full size. The drawings are printed on an offset press so they will not fade and shrinking is held to a minimum.

All material kits are available from Stolp Starduster Corporation at reasonable prices. In addition, we can furnish fabricated wings ready to cover, complete welded assembly, turtlebacks, nose cowls, wheel pants, windshields, aluminum fuel tanks, etc. Most items are in stock at all times.

"Some people come up with a really sexy airplane design once in a while. Some other people do it habitually."
- Sports Planes magazine

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