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The STARDUSTER ONE SA100 was built to fill a need for a single-place, open sport biplane. It was built to fly just for fun and is not intended to be an aerobatic airplane. It is quite strong, however, and many owners use the aircraft for aerobatic flight, but this is beyond the original concept of the machine. Stability is good and the light wing loading makes slow landing speed and short-field operation outstanding.

The main structure of the airplane is built of 4130 steel tubing and sheet stock and has no machined fittings or other complicated bends, which is an advantage for the average homebuilder with limited machine equipment to use. The wings have spruce spars and the ribs are made of 1/4" plywood using a modified M-6 airfoil. Construction of the plane has been kept as simple as possible and it goes pretty well.

The prints are quite complete with ribs and most fittings full size, which saves considerable time on construction of these parts.

The Lycoming is the best power plant, and engines from 125 to 200 HP have been installed. The 125 to 160 HP range is optimal.

All raw materials as well as certain prefabricated parts (such as fiberglass turtlebacks, nose cowls, wheel pants, cockpit cowlings, welded aluminum fuel tanks, plexiglass windshields, and so forth) are available at reasonable prices.

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